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Nivian Calles 
I can't deny, I was amazed by his reading. He was on point with things he would have no way of knowing and specifics of events that did happen soon after the reading. My son and his family moved into moms home a week after he said Grandma said it's OK to let someone into the home. This was an unexpected situation that none if us expected. Also, My son Phillip broke his leg the day before yesterday while moving, Which Chris sensed but wasn't sure why? 
Now we know..... He also mentioned the not so good feeling in the front yard but how peaceful it felt as he stepped into the house and most peaceful in my beloved grandmother's room. Funny thing is, whenever there's a family quarrel, fight or argument it's taken out front out if respect for my mothers home. These things happen when there's a large family gathering that consist of many brothers and nephews... Lol. When we stepped out back Chris felt at peace and as he should it's our favorite family spot. We've had many family parties out there and always happy. Chris had his crew using the energy sensor not sure what it's called but it went haywire when he came across my Grandmother's favorite seat on the porch to play Domino's also our special Tree that we call Michaels tree in his remembrance. No electrical interference around and there was no response triggered any other place around the home but in these two areas. I know it was Grandma and Michael for sure.  Also his son CJ mentioned a pool and lots of kids having fun outback. Really cool because for a few years when the grandkids were younger Mom bought a pretty good sized above the ground pool that they enjoyed for a few Summers when they came to visit. Those were some very happy times. How he knew this is incredible because there is no sign of a pool anywhere., nothing but a large empty field with a fire pit. All I have to say is Thank you Christopher Johansen, CJ and the crew for everything. My mom is happier than I've seen her in years and has a new outlook on life.  

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