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Christopher Johansen, founder of Readings by Chris, is an Orlando Psychic Medium that offers readings for those clients who wish to get in touch with deceased loved ones. Christopher can offer comfort and communication for people who wish to be in touch with those who passed And read your energy and help with your current and future path. Readings are available by Chris. Just fill out the form to the right or give him a call. Christopher can also help with your current problems and questions. Helping reach your most inner thoughts and try to break some patterns that have been in your life. Call us today and let our psychic medium readings in Orlando help you today!


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From Misty 
I'm writing a review on behalf of one of my best friends. I am not going to put her name out there for privacy reasons. 
Chris did a reading for her. One she VERY MUCH needed. She lost her 16 year old daughter in car crash on 11-11-11. She was also my daughters best friend. She was an only child. My friend was having a hard time moving on and couldn't figure out WHY this happened. Her daughter spoke to her through Chris. I shouldn't go into detail because it's really not my place to.....but in the words of my friend... "Chris is AMAZING" "He hit my core" She definitely will have more readings because Chris is giving her what she needs to start healing. Chris is giving her something that Dr's and all the medication in the world can't give to her. I can't say enough about him. I just can't. I'd be here all day. Thank you, Chris, for giving us what we need. You are my hero on so many levels.