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Experienced Psychic Medium Readings Around the World

Christopher Johansen is a Florida based Psychic Medium. His skills can be very useful in Relationships, Love, Job questions and so much more. Christopher takes great pride in following up with his clients when he has more information, so be ready for detailed messages if a loved one is looking for you.

READINGS BY CHRIS primarily services the The United States But Chris does his Readings Around the World,   

Chris can do a Psychic Medium Reading for you over the Phone, Skype, Facetime or in YOUR HOME. call to Book. 631-838-2166


From Linda & John Long Island NY
Linda and I have seen a number of psychic mediums over the last 10 years. We both agree and of these people your reading is equal or superior to anyone that we have seen and was on target in almost every item that you brought to us. Your description of aunt Emily sitting in the chair next to us was remarkable. Items of our childhood you describe were right on the money. Linda's job situation was spot on as was my graduate/doctoral studies and the future that lays in front of me.
From one of Chris' clients -  LET US HELP YOU
Christopher Johansen, founder of Readings by Chris, is a Florida Psychic Medium that offers readings for those clients who wish to get in touch with deceased loved ones. Christopher can offer comfort and communication for people who wish to be in touch with those who passed And read your energy and help with your current and future path. Readings are available by Chris Phone, skype , facetime and in person. Christopher can also help with your current problems and questions. Helping reach your most inner thoughts and try to break some patterns that have been in your life. Call us today and let our psychic medium readings in Florida help you today!

‎Bruce Montgomery‎ 

I just had my first reading with Chris and he could not have been more on target if he tried. He relayed messages from my Dad that could ONLY have been from my Dad and were very in tune with what's going on in my life currently. My optimistic outlook has been refreshed and I look forward to speaking with Chris again in a month or so. AWESOME AND AWESTRUCK! As well as a really nice guy to chat with!